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Specialized Praxis Chainrings
$127.49 - $149.99 $149.99 Up To 15% Savings
Not all chainrings are created equal, and if you need proof of this, look no further than these chainrings that Praxis made exclusively for Specialized. - Custom design Praxis rings For Specialized only - Cold-forged, Heat-treated, and hard anodize 7075 T6 Aluminum - Compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM 10-/11-speed cranksets
Praxis Works 2X Mountain Chainrings
$110.50 $130.00 15% Savings
All of Praxis Works' MTB 2X chainrings are created with their proprietary forging process which allows them to manipulate the ring shape and tooth profile more than ever before. With their “One-Shot” forging they are able to increase the amount of shifting features on a chainring which normal CNC manufacturing won’t allow. The process also creates a harder and tougher tooth surface for durability. Individual tooth profiles, alternating tooth angles, timed ramps and tactically placed shift elevators are all jam packed onto a Praxis ring. Translation: All of these small aggregate features add up to the most durable and consistent shifting rings ever produced for cyclists. Praxis Works' LevaTime™ shifting is the product of years of relentless testing and tweaking. The final result is a set of some of the finest and fastest-shifting rings available. With a LevaTime™ ring, several shift pins are placed strategically at points on the ring to provide a perfectly timed lift. Synchronized ramps are tuned with a specific inner ring, providing a clean channel for the chain to move upwards. Each individual tooth is sculpted to handle a specific duty. Along with that, precisely located scallops help control chain movement and prevent chain suck.
Shimano FC-M760 XT 32t Middle Chainring
$27.19 $31.99 15% Savings
Shimano MTB 32t 104mm 9spd middle ring Black Teeth: 32 teeth Chain Compatibility: 9-Speed Chainring BCD: 104 mm Bolt Pattern: 4-Bolt Position: Middle Material: Aluminum Color: Black
Shimano FC-M770 XT 32t Middle Chainring
$35.69 $41.99 15% Savings
4-bolt 104mm bolt pattern fits many Shimano cranks. Lightweight and durable.
SRAM Red Outer Chainring (Compact)
$79.89 - $93.49 $93.99 - $109.99 Up To 15% Savings
SRAM's Red road chainrings are stamped from 7075 aluminum for low weight and excellent strength. The teeth are ramped and pinned for precision shifting, too.
SRAM Road Inner Chainring (Compact)
$18.69 - $28.49 $21.99 - $28.49 Up To 15% Savings
SRAM's road chainrings are stamped from 7075 aluminum for low weight and excellent strength. The teeth are ramped for precision shifting, too.
SRAM X01 X-Sync Chain Ring
$58.64 - $126.99 $69.00 - $126.99 Up To 15% Savings
Take your chain retention to the quiet, simple, light level with SRAM's X01 X-Sync Chain Ring. It features SRAM's X-Sync narrow/wide tooth profiles to securely hold a chain through the roughest terrain, no chainguide required! A variety of sizes ranging from 30T to 38T let you dial in your rig for your ride. The unique chainring design allows you to slide the ring over the crank arm, so crank removal is not required. Available in 94mm BCD for SRAM's X1 cranks, or 104mm BCD to convert your standard crank to a single-ring system.
SRAM XX1 X-Sync Chain Ring
$76.49 - $99.44 $89.99 - $116.99 Up To 15% Savings
SRAM's XX1 X-Sync Chain Ring mates perfectly to SRAM's XX1 crank. It features a wide-narrow-wide tooth profile to securely hold the chain through the roughest terrain, no chainguide necessary. A variety of sizes ranging from the spin-to-win 28T to the hard-man humbling 38T let you dial in your rig for your strengths or terrain. The unique chainring design allows you to slide slide over the crank arm, so crank removal is not required.
Praxis Works MTB 1X Wide/Narrow Chainring
$42.50 $50.00 15% Savings
These single 1X MTB rings are based on a unique Wide/Narrow tooth profile for supreme chain retention in the roughest of trail conditions. Tough enough for Enduro, Downhill, and also weight conscious for XC riding. These MTB Wide Narrow rings are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and Hard Anodized to take a beating.
FSA Pro Road 10speed 39t Middle 130mm Chainring
$33.99 $39.99 15% Savings
Pro Road Series * CNC Machined AL7075/T6 * Laser-etched logos * Shifting ramps and Stainless steel pins on middle and outer rings * S10 is compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo Ultra Narrow 10-Speed * S9/C10 is compatible with Shimano 9 speed and Campagnolo C10 10-Speed
FSA Pro Road S10 Chainring
$32.99 - $60.99
FSA's Pro Road chainrings are made from CNC-machined 7000-series aluminum for low weight. The teeth are ramped and pinned for excellent shifting, too.
Wolf Tooth Components Sram BB30 Direct Mount Ring
$66.30 - $83.00 $78.00 - $83.00 Up To 15% Savings
- Replaces the existing chainring and spider on 3-bolt BB30 cranks - Features Drop-Stop tooth design to prevent unwanted chain drop - Fits SRAM S2200, S2210, X9, X0, X01, and XX1 cranks - Flat ring provides 50mm chainline on SRAM BB30 / PF30 short spindle (has 9.1mm drive side spacer) - Recommended for use with 10 or 11sp chain (10sp chain works on 9sp drivetrain) - Made in the USA from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Wheels Manufacturing Inc. Individual Chainring Spacer
- For chain and derailleur alignment
Surly Stainless-Steel Chainring (94mm BCD)
$33.99 - $39.99 $39.99 Up To 15% Savings
Surly's Stainless Steel Chainrings last longer than their aluminum brethern because the 304 grade metal they use is 35% stronger. The rings aren't pinned or ramped so when one side starts to wear you can flip it around and pedal some more! They work great with singlespeed, fixed, and 1x9 applications, and the teeth are 2.2 - 2.3mm thick so they work well with wider chains.
Specialized S-Works Team Chainring Set
Specialized's extra-stiff S-Works Team Chainring Set was originally designed for ProTour riders, with a CNC-machined profile and pick-up ramps for impressive shifting and power transfer. The rings are made of 7075 T6 aluminum, while the shift pins are riveted stainless steel and the chainring bolts are lightweight aluminum. They're compatible with 10- and 11-speed Shimano and 10-speed SRAM.
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Inner Chainring
$16.99 - $157.00 $19.99 - $157.00 Up To 15% Savings
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-Speed Inner Chainrings - Material: Aluminum - Ring Position/Type: Inner
Shimano Ultegra Chainring
$133.44 $156.99 15% Savings
Shimano's Ultegra 6800 chainrings provide confidence-inspiring shifting and category-defining speed. Cold-forged aluminum comprises the super-stiff, hollow outer ring, and Shimano's unique system of ramps and pins means lightning fast shifts are at your command.
Salsa Chainring (58/94mm BCD)
$22.50 - $45.50
Salsa chainrings are made from CNC-machined 7000-series aluminum for low weight and excellent stiffness. The teeth are neither ramped nor pinned so they're great for singlespeed use. They also work with double and triple ring setups, too.
Salsa Ring Dinger Guard
$29.74 $34.99 15% Savings
On your XC or cyclocross rig, Salsa's Ring Dinger Guard is a lightweight way to keep your chain in place. It's made out of CNC-machined aluminum and pairs well with a chain keeper device for a simple single front-ring setup.
SRAM Red 22 Yaw Compatible Outer Chainring
$118.99 $139.99 15% Savings
Replacement chainring in 130mm BCD for SRAM 11-speed Yaw speed road cranks. Replace worn out rings or swap to change gearing for specific uses. - Top quality design and materials in sizes to fit modern road and 'cross bikes. - 7000 series aluminum provides strength and durability
SRAM RED22 X-Glide 11-Speed Chainring -110 BCD
$33.14 - $140.00 $38.99 - $140.00 Up To 15% Savings
Replace worn out chainrings or change out gearing with SRAM's RED X-Glide Chainrings. These solid rings are crafted from aluminum using SRAM's X-Glide tooth profiles for quick, responsive shifting. If you have a SRAM RED 22 compact crank, these are the rings for you.
SRAM X-Sync 12-Speed Chainring
$67.14 - $79.00 $69.00 - $79.00 Up To 3% Savings
Intense study of chain and chainring wear patterns led to the radical tooth profile that lasts longer, runs quieter and further improves chain retention. - Can be used with Eagle 12 speed or SRAM 11 speed chains - Direct mount rings with 3mm offset fit Boost geometry Eagle cranks; direct mount rings with 6mm offset fit traditional geometry Eagle cranks and GXP spindle XX1, X01, X0, X1 and X9 cranks
SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle Direct Mount Chainring
$84.99 - $99.99 $99.99 Up To 15% Savings
The radical look and feel of SRAM's X-SYNC 2 Eagle chainring is a direct result of SRAM drivetrain engineers studying the performance and wear characteristics of thousands of X-SYNC chainrings. They subjected every size of chainring to untold environmental and mechanical tortures, abuse and neglect, in both lab and real-world settings, to come up with a chainring that would augment the Eagle drivetrain’s performance in all conditions. The longer, positive-rake tooth shape has been designed to work perfectly with the Eagle chain to increase chain retention and overall pedaling efficiency, while decreasing friction, noise and wear.
SRAM XX1 1x S-Works Spider and bolts
$56.09 $65.99 15% Savings
- XX1-designed splined spider and Torx chainring bolt set to fit Specialized's S-Works hollow-carbon/hirth-joint cranks with removable spider - *XX1 X-Sync 1x11sp chainring sold separately
Race Face Cinch Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring
$59.49 - $63.74 $69.99 - $74.99 Up To 15% Savings
Race Face Next SL Direct Mount Chainrings • 7075-T6 aluminum, aerospace grade strength • Compatible for 9, 10, and 11 speed • Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention • Attaches as part of the Race Face CINCH system (using tool TL6800) allowing you to switch between Direct Mount rings/spiders with ease • Utilizes Race Face proprietary spline design • Stiff 4mm plate thickness to transfer loads without flexing • 41 grams(26T) ranging up to 82 grams(36T) • Compatible with Race Face cranks with CINCH system interface
Race Face Evolve Chainring Set, 9-speed
$76.49 $89.99 15% Savings
Race Face Evolve Chainring Set • Sloped ramps, profiled teeth and pins • 10-speed chainrings can be used with a 9-speed drivetrain if a full set is used • Double chainrings bolts are included with all Race Face chainring sets • 104/64 BCD
Race Face Narrow-Wide Single Ring
$38.24 $44.99 15% Savings
Race Face Narrow-Wide Single Chainrings for 9-11 speed drivetrains. • 7075-T6 aluminum, aerospace grade strength. • Compatible with 9, 10, and 11 speed • Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention • Stiff 4mm plate thickness and I-beam construction transfer loads without flexing • Reversible laser etched graphics • 36t = 50g • 30t Narrow-Wide single rings are threaded with a standard M8 x 0.75 chainring bolt thread
Race Face Race Chainring, 9-speed
$18.99 - $59.99 $18.99 - $64.99 Up To 8% Savings
• CNC machined from 7075-T6, one of the strongest alloys available today • Outer rings are made from 4mm thick material & inner ring from 5mm thick material for unsurpassed durability • Rings feature our patented S.H.I.F.T. technology, featuring hard-wearing steel S.H.I.F.T. chips for dual action up-shifts
Race Face Turbine 9-Speed Chainring
$22.94 - $59.49 $26.99 - $69.99 Up To 15% Savings
• Specific architecture for for Race Face, Shimano or Truvativ tabs • CNC-machined from super-hard AL-7075 to maximize wear resistance and impact strength • More upshift and downshift zones than Race Face Team rings • Three times stiffer than Team rings with greater impact resistance • Include outer chainring bolts • 104 and 64mm BCD • Four-bolt chainring pattern
Praxis Works Buzz Road Rings
$127.50 $150.00 15% Savings
These “Buzz” rings are designed specifically to be compatible both 5-arm AND 4-arm w/hidden 5th road cranks. The rings continue with our cold forging and LevaTime shifting technology.
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