Fender Mounts
700c x 45mm / 650b x 2.1" Tire Clearance
Lifetime Warranty


Quincy rocks big 700c or smaller 650b wheels, offering clearance to roll on wide tires on both.

Pleasingly simple single-ring drivetrains come standard, but the chassis can be set up with even wider range if desired. Mounts for fenders and three water-bottle cages complete the versatility package.

Gravel & Roll

You’d be forgiven for thinking a bike with this much soul was named after a Grammy Award-winning record producer. But you’d be wrong.

This Gravel & Roll Hall of Fame nominee derives its name from a small gold rush town at the heart of our own little dirt road revolution.

The Juliana Quincy

Full carbon frame and fork

  • 700c x 45mm / 650b x 2.1" tire clearance
  • Available in sizes 49cm, 52cm, and 54cm
  • Made for gravel, road, and cyclocross

From back roads to way-off-the-map, this is a robust bike that’s comfortable on or off-road all day long.