Trainer & Trailer Adapter Kit

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Blackburn's axle conversion kits make your thru axle bike compatible with most trainers and many trailer hitches on the market. The adapter kit is designed to turn your 12mm x 135mm, 142mm, or 148mm thru axle bike into a trainer-ready machine or a trailer-pulling family explorer. Choosing the correct axle is simple. First, research which axle spacing your bike utilizes (135, 142, or 148mm). Next, choose the correct thread pitch by either comparing your thread spacing to Blackburn's thread scale on the packaging, or by matching to one of the brands listed below:

RockShox Maxle

  • 1.75mm thread pitch

Syntace X-12

  • 1.0mm thread pitch

DT x-12

  • 1.0mm thread pitch

Shimano E-Thru

  • 1.5mm thread pitch

DT E-Thru

  • 1.5mm thread pitch