Speedplay Cleats
Speedplay Cleats

Speedplay Cleats

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Replacement Speedplay cleats - Available in both standard and easy action tension


  • The dimpled, low profile design and rubberized texture allow for better traction and enhanced walkability.
  • Independent 3 axis adjustability to optimize fit and enhance performance through better biomechanics on the bike.
  • Up to 14mm of fore/aft (forward & back movement) adjustability to lock the cleat base plate into place on the bottom side of the shoe.
  • With the left/right adjustment you can further dial in your cleat placement. The cleat spring housing plat allows for up to 8mm of side to side flexibility.
  • 1 - 15 degress of micro-adjustable free float to dial in the perfect amount of movement.
  • Easy Tension Model Only: Cleat utilized an easy action spring mechanism for a simpler pedal engagement experience for those smaller or more novice riders.