SLX Disc Rotor (Center-lock, 203mm)
SLX Disc Rotor (Center-lock, 203mm)

SLX Disc Rotor (Center-lock, 203mm)

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Shimano SLX SM-RT70 center-lock disc brake rotor delivers powerful and consistent brake performance in all riding conditions.


  • 3-layer structure with aluminum core and two stainless steel outer layers reduces rotor surface temperature approximately 100 degrees Celsius compared to all-steel rotors
  • Aluminum spider
  • Includes standard type rotor lockring
  • Requires external-type rotor lockring when installing onto 15/20mm axle hub


  • Rotor Size (mm): 203
  • Hub/Disc Compatibility: Center-Lock Disc
  • Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds
  • Weight: 193g
  • Rotor Type: Two Piece