Loam Grip - Really Red

Loam Grip - Really Red

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The PNW Loam grips are a great option to spice up your cockpit. PNW has designed the Loam grips with comfort in mind. They have strategically shaped the grips so that there's padding where it counts for trail vibration while keeping the ends thinner for a better grip feel. The grip pattern has also been laid out so that you're getting the proper grip you need while ensuring a smooth and soft ride. You're sure to be a happy camper picking up a set of these Loam grips!

We can’t promise to keep your hands warm as the seasons change, but we can keep your paws feeling fresh with our all new Loam Grip. We packed this grip full of features, like an ultra tacky compound and ergonomic pattern to support your palms and help relieve any fatigue caused by trail chatter.

The Loam Grip features two contrasting patterns and these dueling motifs play an important ergonomic role. Thin strips run horizontally across the grip’s surface for enhanced traction and supple feel, while the thicker mountain pattern helps support the pad of your hand. Beefing up this outer zone with a heartier design helps combat compound deterioration, ensures the grip is absorbing more vibration and provides needed structure to support the additional body weight pressing down on this crucial contact point.

The pattern isn’t the only thing designed to keep your hands happy. The Loam Grip was purpose built for the demands of Enduro/Trail riding, and developing the right compound for this was extremely important. We needed to identify a blend that was soft enough to absorb vibration, yet firm enough to keep its shape under pressure. After testing many different blends, we picked one that we call the “happy camper” composite, because it strikes a balance between an ultra soft material that wears too quickly and a harder compound that provides no tactile benefits.