GoCycle electric folding bike. Available at Mike's Bikes.
Portable folding bikes from GoCycle.
Portable Gocycle  electric folding bikes.
GoCycle electric folding bikes available at Mike's Bikes.

They say you can’t re-invent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. GoCycle folding bikes did both.

The GoCycle portable electric folding bikes are taking the industry by storm. Built to take you far while making it easy to maneuver, these lightweight designs are ideal for modern living. Super easy to fold and store in tight living spaces, you can take this bike anywhere you go. Whether you’re rushing across town for a meeting or taking a leisurely ride through the neighborhood, GoCycle’s folding E-Bikes can travel up to 50 miles on a 4-7 hour charge.

Easy to lift and responsive to ride, these bikes are designed to fit you. The frame geometry with adjustable handlebars offers a wide range of comfort levels for every body size, ensuring a seamless ride. From the fast-folding GoCycle GX, GXi models, or the compact GS and G3 models, these electric folding bikes handle like a luxury sports car. Designed for personalization to fit your lifestyle, GoCycle folding bikes boasts some of the most exciting, fully integrated accessories to enhance your ride no matter where you travel.


"A dizzying amount of gear flows in and out of my home every year, but Gocycle's GXI is the one that's brought me the most joy during this pandemic" - Wired Magazine

"The best folding bike when it comes to ride enjoyment..." - Bike Radar

The GX was named as the “Best Folding Electric Bike” Business Insider's round-up of the “Best Folding Bikes”.


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      4 products