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Pro Vest

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Can a lightweight vest protect you better than a heavier one? We've shown that it can, with the new Pro Vest, developed with the BORA-hansgrohe team to provide the best front and side protection in a vest that is extremely compactible and easy to stow in a jersey pocket.

The BORA-hansgrohe riders told us that they don’t always need a thick jacket or vest. There are those days when a light layer of wind protection is enough even on the longest descents. With that input, we developed this product. It has a protective windproof layer on the front, but don’t imagine a traditional wind jacket — it’s a super-stretchy fabric. On the back we used the lightest fabric we had. In this way we’ve created a close-fitting and aerodynamic vest that folds up very small to stash in your pocket. The BORA-hansgrohe riders love it. We’re sure you’ll appreciate it on your summer rides, for descents or when you head out at dawn and need something for the first half hour on the bike.

For those looking for an additional close-fitting layer of temporary wind protection to stash in a pocket, taking up the least possible space. For example, for the first descents in a granfondo on a sunny day.


  • Front and side protection with lighter weight on back
  • Vest can be stuffed inside your jersey
  • Lightweight internal elastic around armholes to ensure close fit
  • Reflective logos on front and back