Monocrom Cap
Monocrom Cap

Monocrom Cap

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The characteristics that make the Monocrom Jersey unique, thanks to the overdyeing process, also feature in the Monocrom Cap.

Less is more. When we first conceived of the Monocrom Cap, we wanted a simple garment. One color, no graphics, to give you the opportunity to match this accessory in a simple and elegant way. We started experimenting with garment dyeing. It’s a technique used in fashion, but until now no one had applied it to technical clothing. The completed cap is immersed in a dye bath to obtain a unique effect. Every component absorbs the dye differently, and each piece is different from the next; you never get exactly the same effect.
In terms of its construction, the Monocrom Cap is a modern cap made using multiple fabric panels and a hard plastic visor.

For those who want a lightweight and modern cap to keep sweat from running down their forehead onto their glasses. And for a unique style, to be combined with a Monocrom Jersey or any other garment.


  • One size fits all
  • Multipanel construction
  • Rear elastic for snug fit