Signature Fly Bib Knicker

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The Superfly Bib Knicker begins with the foundation of our Signature Fly Bib Short, complete with an easy-on / easy-off, mid-ride bathroom break option. (No halters. No oddly placed seams. No jersey, helmet and sunglasses removal.) The zipper from which it takes its name can't be felt while pedaling and isn't used while regularly dressing or undressing. It's not all about mid ride nature breaks, however. The coverage below the knee is light and protective avoiding the need for knee warmers and emphasizing fit. The unique bib upper now includes lightweight straps bordering its stabilizing mesh panel, a construction designed to rid the ride of chaffing and to bring a lighter overall feel to the bib. Supportive and light-feeling, these are knickers designed from the ground up to meet the highest standards of performance, and to make the cool-weather mid-ride stop as short as possible. Fit Note: The Signature Fly Bib Knicker bears a highly compressive fit for excellent muscle support and recovery. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, we recommend sizing up.