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      MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System)

      What is MIPS?  Helmets have long been equipped with foam liners that deform on impact and reduce the amount of energy transferred to the brain. MIPS is an extra layer of protection - a low-friction, inner liner within the helmet that allows the helmet's foam liner to rotate independently (10 to 15 millimeters) of the MIPS layer during an angled impact. Look inside any MIPS-equipped helmet and you'll see a variety of low-friction layers beneath the comfort padding. And while there are several types of MIPS layers, each version meets the same safety standard.

      Why is MIPS important?  Two forces – linear and rotational – are associated with many brain injuries. Linear forces generally occur when your head is moving in a straight line and rotational forces, on the other hand, usually occur when your head is either struck at an angle or when it rotates quickly and comes to a sudden stop. Independent testing consistently shows that those few important millimeters of controlled movement reduce some of the twisting forces your brain would otherwise experience. 

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      ANGi (Angular and G-Force indicator)

      What is ANGi?  ANGi is a patented, helmet-mounted sensor that features a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. Yeah, that's a bit of a mouthful, but more simply, ANGi has an innovative sensor that measures the forces transmitted to your helmet during an impact. It also measures the harmful rotational forces that occur during crashes when there's no actual impact to your helmet. 

      How does ANGi work?  Using ANGi is simple. During your ride, if the forces commonly associated with a crash are detected, the sensor will connect to the Specialized Ride App on your smartphone, sound an alarm, and start a countdown. If you're okay, you just cancel the countdown; otherwise, the Ride App will send a text alert to your emergency contacts that you may have crashed. ANGi and the Ride App will also send your location, via GPS coordinates, to all of the contacts you've listed in the Ride App. 

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      THE SPECIALIZED APP (The Brains Behind ANGi)

      The Specialized Ride App is the communication platform powering ANGi's ability to connect you to help in the event of a crash. Using it is simple. Just pair the ANGi with your smartphone, equipped with the Specialized Ride App and enjoy the free 1-year Premium App subscription that's included with the purchase of any ANGi-equipped Specialized helmet or ANGi aftermarket sensor.

      But, it's not just an app for your safety. It also makes finding rides and getting connected to your cycling group almost effortless. It also records your ride and performance data and seamlessly syncs it with other popular apps, like Strava.

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