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Profile Design F-35 Velcro Back Pad
$22.00 - $27.99
Profile Design's Lux Pads keep both performance and comfort high, exactly where they need to be when you're pushing your boundaries. These velcro backed pads fit Profile Designs F-35 armrests (sold separately), and feature EVA foam, an anti-microbial cover, and a contoured edge for improved long-term comfort. They're even available in three thicknesses so you can dial in your fit to perfection.
Profile Design UCM XL Universal Computer Mount 60mm
Profile Design's UCM XL Universal Computer Mount provides a convenient 60mm-long place to mount your computer on your aero bars. It installs without tools, stays put and can be positioned as needed for easily viewing and controlling your computer.
Public Bikes Brunch Handlebar
$9.77 $29.99 67% Savings
The PUBLIC Brunch Bar was designed with comfort in mind. Its generous width and curvy back sweep allows the hands to fall naturally without changing the body position. The bar has a healthy rise to it, allowing the rider to maintain an upright, comfortable position.
Public Bikes Cafe Bike Handlebar
$9.77 $29.99 67% Savings
The PUBLIC Cafe Bar is a sporty handlebar option. It's a little wider and straighter than our more curvy and raised PUBLIC Brunch Handlebar, offering a more aggressive riding position. Inspired by the classic Cafe Racer motorcycle, this zippy bar, with it's slight curve and subtle rise will add speed and style to your ride.
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