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BikeSmart VeloShield
The BikeSmart VeloShield is a tough, highly water-resistant nylon bike cover. It is sized to fit almost any bike, and when not in use, the VeloShield folds easily into its built-in storage bag.
BikeSmart ChainClean Combo Drivetrain Cleaner
Regular drivetrain maintenance is the key to smooth, quiet shifting and will extend the life of your components. Fill BikeSmart’s ChainClean Combo Drivetrain Cleaner with your favorite degreaser and give your drivetrain that much needed bath, while minimizing the potential mess. The curved toothed tool makes easy work of cleaning dirt and grime from cassette cogs and the durable nylon brush is perfect for scrubbing derailleur pulleys and chainrings.
BikeSmart UltraFlash
$19.49 $29.99 35% Savings
For maximum visibility from a compact rear light, choose BikeSmart's shockingly bright Ultraflash. The UltraFlash boasts two ultra bright .5 watt LED bulbs, and with three different light modes, this light stands out! Mounting this water-resistant taillight on your bike is quick and easy with the tool-free seatpost seatstay brackets, or use the built-in clip to attach the UltraFlash to your belt, pack, or seatbag.
BikeSmart MTB Pedals with Clips and Straps
BikeSmart's MTB Pedals with Clips and Straps feature lightweight aluminum bodies, quality bearings and tough steel axles. They're equipped with durable nylon toe clips and straps for secure, efficient and smooth pedaling.
BikeSmart 945 Alloy Moutain Bike Brake Pads
BikeSmart’s high-quality 945 Alloy Mountain Bike Brake Pads are great way to put some fresh stopping power on your bike. These Shimano-compatible, cartridge-style pads make brake pad replacement quick and simple. Angle adjustment allows for toe-in and an even wear pattern, and the grippy rubber compound is long-lasting.
BikeSmart StayShield
The BikeSmart StayShield is a neoprene chainstay protector that installs easily with Velcro closure to defend your frame from dings and scratches. It is approximately 10.25 inches long and fits most bikes.
BikeSmart ExoTool
The BikeSmart ExoTool packs eight of the most commonly needed bike tools into one small package. This compact multi-tool contains 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1mm Allen wrenches, as well as a Phillips and flathead screwdriver.
BikeSmart BittyBell
Let people know you are coming with the BikeSmart BittyBell. This small brass bell works on either the right or left hand side of your handlebars, and has a lovely tone.
BikeSmart ZigZag SL Pedals
BikeSmart's ZigZag SL Pedals offer pro-level clipless-pedal performance at a feathery weight thanks to their magnesium bodies and titanium axles. You get dual-sided entry, smooth and long-lasting sealed bearings, adjustable release tension and an open design for mud shedding so that you can always get in and out of your pedals regardless of the trail conditions. Plus, at a mere 240 grams, these beauties are lighter than most of the competition, too!
BikeSmart Asstro Seat
BikeSmart's Asstro Seat features a pressure-relieving anatomic cutout, and a generous amount of medium-density gel padding combined with a flexible shell for the perfect balance of comfort and support.
BikeSmart Route 66 Special Bar Tape
$9.95 $19.99 50% Savings
BikeSmart's Route 66 Special Bar Tape is made from a synthetic-nylon microfiber that's lighter and more durable than leather. It doesn't tear anywhere near as easily as cork or foam tapes and it's waterproof, too. You'll especially appreciate its nice padding and excellent grip in all weather conditions. It's also UV-resistant to prevent fading. You get enough tape to wrap both sides of your handlebars, 2 end plugs and finishing-tape strips.
BikeSmart Rack Trunk 1.0
BikeSmart’s Rack Trunk 1.0 is a versatile piece of cycling luggage that is equally at home commuting to and from work, on day trips, or even on multiday touring adventures. This rear rack-mounted trunk has a large main compartment with two smaller, zipped interior pockets to keep things organized, as well as two exterior pockets. It attaches to your rack with a durable, grippy hook-and-loop closure, and also features a convenient shoulder strap, so you can take it with you when you park your bike. Plus, a reflective strip enhances your visibility, while doubling as an ideal place to clip a rear light (sold separately).
BikeSmart Poshterior Seat
BikeSmart's Poshterior Seat is so comfortable you may want to relax and put your feet up. Just don't forget you're riding a bike! It boasts double-density memory foam that relieves pressure on your sit bones while maintaining nice support, a center groove for more comfort and even an elastomer suspension for shock absorption. Plus, the padding has a short memory so it resists deformation even after prolonged use.
BikeSmart Dually Pedals
BikeSmart's Dually Pedals feature a clipless pedal on one side and a flat platform pedal on the other, so they satisfy your needs for convenience and performance. Your bike will always be ready to go, whether you're hopping on it to run errands around town or you're geared up for your favorite weekend loop. These pedals are also great if you're learning to use clipless pedals since you can always just ride on the platform side until you get used to clicking in and out. And they're quality pedals with aluminum bodies, sealed bearings and adjustable entry/exit clipless tension. You can also adjust the grip of the platform sides.
BikeSmart Sprinter SL Pedals
BikeSmart's Sprinter SL Pedals are a pro-level road clipless pedal system with advanced features. They boast lightweight and durable composite bodies, tough chromoly axles and smooth and long-lasting sealed bearings. There are also "wings" on the platforms for more cleat-to-pedal contact, which adds comfort and boosts power. The SLs come with Look Keo-compatible cleats for easy entry/exit.
BikeSmart Z-160 Brake Pads
BikeSmart's Z-160 Brake Pads are made from an all-weather compound offering great stopping power in any conditions. These brake pads are made for cantilever style brakes.
BikeSmart Icon9 Speed Chain
BikeSmart's Icon9 Speed Chain is compatible with 9-speed drivetrains. The links boast inclined inner and outer bridges and deeper chamfers for smooth and quick shifts. Plus, there are hardened pins for longevity.
BikeSmart Tangent SL
Finally, a fender that's as sleek as your road bike is! The BikeSmart Tangent SL is an amazing minimalist fender that catches water at just the right angle to protect the rider. It easily mounts to any quick-release wheel for maximum compatibility with 700c road bikes, and is both front and rear wheel compatible. The carbon fiber strut and ABS plastic fender blade make for a total fender weight of just 75 grams with hardware.
BikeSmart Choker Seatpost Clamp
BikeSmart's Choker seatpost clamp gives you super-light, forget-its-even-there performance. Precise CNC-machining of the 7075-aluminum provides good looks, exact tolerances, and low weight.
BikeSmart Flipster Pedals
Vintage style meets modern technology in BikeSmart's Flipster Pedals. These lightweights weigh only 232 grams per pair and have polished aluminum cages, tough aluminum construction, serviceable ball bearings and durable chromoly axles.
BikeSmart FrameShield
Show your ride the respect it deserves with BikeSmart’s FrameShield protective decals. The set includes three different sizes of durable, 3M Scotch self-adhesive clear vinyl. The 260 x 27/20mm tapered chainstay protector defends your bike from offensive chain-slap, while the 8 frame/cable protectors (four large, four small) prevent rub anywhere your cables have contact with the frame.
BikeSmart FrameClean Brush Set
Like any job, cleaning your bike is done better and easier with the right tools; BikeSmart's FrameClean Brushes are purpose-made for bike cleaning. The U-shaped brush is perfect for removing dirt and grime from frame tubes and tires, a tapered detail brush squeezes into hard to clean spots, and the sponge/soft bristle brush cleans the frame. Plus, all three brushes have comfortable ergonomic, rubber-grip handles.
BikeSmart 456 Road Brake Pad Inserts
BikeSmart’s high-quality replacement 456 Road Brake Pad Inserts are a great way to put some fresh stopping power on your bike. These Shimano-compatible, cartridge-style pads make brake pad replacement quick and simple, and the grippy rubber compound is long-lasting. These pads are compatible with BikeSmart’s 456 Alloy and 456 Carbon insert holders.
BikeSmart Toe Straps
BikeSmart's Toe Straps are made from sturdy nylon with chrome-plated metal buckles with rubber covers for ease of use. They fit all toe clips and standard pedals (both sold separately).
BikeSmart Woodside SL
The BikeSmart Woodside SL is a performance saddle with high-density, lightweight foam and chromoly/titanium rails that can be used on any style bike. This stylish saddle features carbon fiber injection molding for low weight and ZoneCut relief for everyone's pleasure.
BikeSmart Squeeze Play Grips
BikeSmart's Squeeze Play Grips offer comfort and a great grip with a soft rubber compound and a classic shape. They provide a plush, tacky grip that feels great on any bike, from your beach cruiser to your trail rig. The outer rubber is gel-like for comfort, while the denser inner layer ensures excellent durability. There's also a raised-bump pattern to absorb shock and add even more grip and control.
BikeSmart TwinValve Pressure Gauge
BikeSmart's Twin Valve pressure gauge accepts both Presta and Schrader valves, reads pressures up to 160 psi, and features an air bleed button, so you can easily dial in your tire pressure.
BikeSmart Z-130 Post Pads
BikeSmart’s Z-130 Post Pads offer great all-weather performance for your cantilever brakes, and are comprised of a longwearing compound for convenience and reliability
BikeSmart Icon1 Single Speed Chain
BikeSmart's Icon 1 Single Speed Chain is a reliable super-high tensile-strength 1/2- x 1/8-inch chain. This makes it ideal for one-speed bikes, townie bikes with internally geared rear hubs, electric bikes, track bikes and any other bike with a 1/2- x 1/8-inch drivetrain subjected to high-torque riding. Please note, that it is not for use on derailleur-equipped bikes.
BikeSmart Woodside
The BikeSmart Woodside is a performance saddle with high-density, lightweight foam and chromoly rails that can be used on any style bike. This stylish saddle features ArcTech shaping for proper sit-bone alignment and ZoneCut relief for everyone's pleasure.
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