Road Bike Maintenance Intervals

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Every Ride

Check tire pressure - Top off with floor pump if nec

Check chain for dryness & dirt - Wipe down and lube if nec

Check tires for damage or embedded debris

Check quick releases for tightness

Check brake pads for wear


Check nuts & bolts for tightness

Check wheel true

Check frame and components for wear, cracks, or dents

Check clipless pedal cleat bolts for tightness

Wipe down frame and fork

Lube chain and wipe down chainrings, cassette, derailleur pulleys


Check chain stretch, replace if nec to keep chainring and cassette wear to a minimum

Check tires for wear & cuts, replace if nec

Check bar tape for tears, replace if nec

Check cables & housing for fraying & corrosion, replace if nec

Degrease and lube drivetrain

Inspect & tighten crankset

Lube derailleur pivots & pulleys

Lube brake & shift cables

6 Months

Inspect chainrings & cassette for wear, replace if nec.

Comp Tune-Up Recommended

True & tension wheels

Grease all non-cartridge bearings

Replace chain

Replace cables & housing

Replace tires

Replace bar tape