Bike Maintenance Intervals

Keep Up With Your Service

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Before Every Ride:

  • Check tire pressure; inflate to recommended pressure with floor pump

  • Check chain for dryness & dirt; wipe down and lube if dry or dirty

  • Check tires for damage or embedded debris

  • Check quick releases for tightness

  • Check brake pads for wear

For Mountain Bikes:

  • Set tire pressure with floor pump

  • Check shock pressure with shock pump

Every Week:

  • Check nuts & bolts for tightness

  • Check wheel true

  • Check frame and components for wear, cracks, or dents

  • Check clipless pedal cleat bolts for tightness

  • Wipe down frame and fork

  • Lube chain and wipe down chainrings, cassette, derailleur pulleys

  • Inspect & tighten crankset

Every Month:

  • Check chain stretch; replace if necessary to keep chainring and cassette wear to a minimum

  • Check tires for wear & cuts; replace if necessary

  • Check bar tape for tears; replace if necessary

  • Check cables & housing for fraying & corrosion; replace if necessary

  • Degrease and lube drivetrain

  • Inspect & tighten crankset

  • Lube derailleur pivots & pulleys

  • Lube brake & shift cables

For Mountain Bikes:

  • Check suspension pivots for tightness; adjust if necessary

  • Wipe down and lube suspension sliders

Every Six Months:

  • Inspect chainrings & cassette for wear; replace if necessary

  • True & tension wheels

  • Grease all non-cartridge bearings

  • Replace chain

  • Replace cables & housing

  • Replace tires

  • Replace bar tape

For Mountain Bikes:

  • Replace brake pads

  • Replace grips

  • Replace tubeless tire sealant

  • Replace shock oil

At six to 12 months, we recommend visiting us for a Comp Tune-Up

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