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Customer Testimonials

Mike C. in Berkeley gives some sage saddle advice.

Our customers are the most important part of what we do. Your enjoyment of the sport of cycling is our top priority. Customer service is what sets Mike's Bikes apart from our competitors. We want you to be comfortable from the second you walk into our store until the time you ride out. Here is a sampling of the testimonials we receive daily:


Your customer service is exactly what every other bike store is missing. I did not think personal friendly service existed anymore. Furthermore, your mechanics are men amongst sniveling little girls. I do not know if they use voodoo, get a Papal blessing or some other unknown power but even after simple tune up(on 3/08/2010) my bike rode so incredibly well I was speechless. I know I am could not be that strong of a rider and can only blame my speed and endurance on an precisely tuned bike. Also, the time the shop has taken to help me with warranty issues and service makes hyper loyal to Mike's and reluctant to let this secret out as I feel like I have found one of biking greatest secrets. Just thought you should know


Yesterday we rode the Marin Century bike ride. At the intersection prior to the rest stop near a country school house I had a flat tire. The police officer said not to worry, there is a Mike's bike tent at the rest stop. VERY relieved, I walked to the rest stop. The young man worked at the Sausalito store and was very kind to fix the tire for free. It was fun talking with him as he helped me understand the mechanisms of my bike better. He also knew Merrily in the Palo Alto store who is our local bike expert. Thank you so much. 


I went to the Palo Alto store about a month ago to purchase a saddle. Jake was able to answer my questions and helped me pick out an appropriate one. Even though the store was busy, he also took the time to get it set up on a bike so I could try it out. I'm very happy with my purchase and I wanted to thank Jake for all his help. 


I walked into your Sacramento location with the intentions to purchase a few parts for my 15yr old Y3. I am a manager in retail and have never taken the time to write a letter about a shopping experience. I want to tell you about your associate Allison at this location. First I didn't seek out assistance she located me and sparked up a converstion. I was dressed down and did not expect to be treated with the amazing service that she provided. I already had my dream bike in the back of my mind and with her reassurance of my choice she had me thinking it would be a reality. I want to assure you that without her exceptional service I would not have walked out of there with new Epic. Oh and by the way my 2 friends that I came with purchased 2 other bikes as well. You have a customer for life thanks again Allison.

Sincerly Brian B.

I recently bought a bike at your Sausalito store. The service I received from Graham was truly outstanding. Rather than just try to sell me a bike, he went out of his way to explain various bike options and that would or would not fit the type of riding I would be doing. I visited five or six different bike shops and the staffs there would spend a few moments with me answering my questions, but none of their responses approached the depth information that I got from Graham. I also noticed when I visited the store and Graham was busy the rest of the staff seemed just as willing to help and answer my questions. So in the end I got a great bike and had a good experience. Thanks 


Your Berkley store has exceptional service, I have bailed on my local stores and drive the 40 minutes to be treated professionally. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Compliment E mail. I had a great experience today in the Sacramento store. I have a very moderate aluminum/carbon road bike with low end Shimano bits that I bought a few years ago as a beginning rider. A new bike is not in my budget, but I want a better ride now that my skills are more advanced. I have been to numerous shops in Sac, all which pushed me for a new bike purchase and advised against upgrading my low end components. At your store Wayne is terrific, he spent quite a bit of time working through cost effective upgrade solutions that were appropriate for me, my skill, and my equipment. I am upgrading to Ultegra...about $800 in parts. This was in my budget and will meet my needs well at this time and should get me through a few more years of riding until a complete new bike is in my budget. Other shops missed out on my business today because they did not take the time, listen to what I was trying to accomplish, and understand my budget. Wayne did all of these things and is to be commended. I will definitely be back to the store and seek Waynes advice when I upgrade wheels in the future. 


Zack, you did some adjustments on my biking shoes right before AIDS/LifeCycle in order to try and help me stave off a little tendency to knee pain that I was having. I just wanted to let you know again that your efforts were appreciated. I was able to complete the big ride without having any significant knee issues. And it was clear that knees were the biggest biomechanical problem for many folks on the ride, so I was glad to avoid having to worry about them very much. Mike's Bikes was really great to me on the journey to get ready for AIDS/LifeCycle. I will definitely recommend you guys when talking about bikes with others.


My name is Ruta and writing to give you an extraordinary feedback for Graham Mattingly. Graham is an unbelievable asset to your company. He has made such an amazing impression on me that I decided to write to you about him.
Graham professionalism and ability to deliver an exceptional customer service is outstanding. I work in Sales myself and I can tell you that Graham exhibits all the extraordinary skills required to work directly with customers. He was so great when I called and booked for my bike tune up and a fitting. He accommodated my schedule to make sure the tune up and a fitting are done closely together, so I don't have to wait for a long time. When I met Graham in person, he made me feel like I am the number one costumer at Mike's Bikes. He spent 45 minutes doing a bike fit paying extraordinary attention to all the details.
Graham is one of those key people that make you feel so good and deliver so much more than just a bike fitting. He definitely blew all my expectations away.
From now on, I will follow him wherever he goes

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
Warm regards,

I recently went into Mike's Bikes Palo Alto with my boyfriend. My boyfriend definitely had a price range that he needed to stay around and he is a bigger dude with an idea of what he wanted so he needed actual customer service. He needed someone to listen to him and direct him towards a bike that would fit his frame and do all of the fun stuff he wanted it to do.
We had been shopping at other places around town and got the generic experience. Then at Mike's we met the manager Vee. HE IS AWESOME!!

He just listened to our needs and then made great suggestions- some in our price range and some just above. Which was okay because the pricier bike was the best fit for our needs. He was just so passionate about bikes and truly seemed to care about what we needed and wanted. He was very down to earth and cool. I don't know anything about bikes and he made me feel very comfortable.

We took in 2 really old bikes and got them serviced and the service guys were also GREAT! Chris was our main guy in service but they were all friendly, honest and seemed to genuinely care. I never felt like they were just finding things wrong to fix it... When we said we were on a budget and needed them to help us with that- they did and they did it in a friendly way.

We will always go back and recommend them because they care.


I received the items today.  Outstanding delivery time and customer service.


I'd like to commend and recognize a superb employee. Kevin the service mgr in san francisco went above and beyond to help me for a serice visit. He was friendly, professional, and went out of his way even going as far as covering the new white bar tape on my road bike with clear plastic. It was surprising and something that won my loyalty to Mikes.


I've got a bunch of miles (~700) on the Tarmac and want to let you know how much I'm enjoying the bike and how much I appreciated all your help and patience in the buying process. I'm riding like crazy and just loving the bike! It is everything that I dreamed it would be... Blazing fast and rock solid steady yet very comfortable! I love the triple on it as it allows me to keep good pedal speed on the steep hills... I'll be doing my first assault on Mt Diablo in the next month or so.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you!

take care,

Steve M

I just wanted you guys to know how wonderful I think you all are. Your are always greeting me with a smile and asking me how you can help me as I am walking in the door. This is why I shop at your store. At **** Bike's where I used to go to for years I would stand around waiting for help while the employees talked amongest themselves, very rude. Not only that but during there 'sales events' they would always try to sell me the expensive bike, not the one I could afford or that was right for me. When I walked into your store in April after being very disapointed with how I was treated at **** Bikes I was greeted immediently with someone who wanted to help me, Andy. I told Andy what I was looking for and he steered me in the right direction. I purchased an Allez from him with the extended service warranty. He even gave me the sale price that **** Bikes was offering, how cool is that! He was very helpful and also says hi to me everytime I come in and asks me how the bike is doing. I could not ask for better service than that! Also the service department with Wayne is honest and helpful. Recently I needed a new rear tire and he helped me find the right fit for me, the armadrillo elite. He also put it on for me while I waited as well as setting up a tune-up appointment for me that would not keep me off my bike for more than an afternoon, which is great! When I went to pay I told the sales lady  that I received a flyer for your sale late, the day after it was over! She was gave me the price that I would have paid during the sale, very cool! They would have never done that for me at **** Bikes...they would have just told me when there next sale was going to be. I have made your store the place I go for all my stuff. It's not that I can't get it anywhere else (like the internet) it's how your staff treats me. Good customer service is important to me. I feel that if I am putting my money down, I want to feel appreciated for shoping at a store. Your staff gives me that feeling. I have recomended you to all my friends and so far four of them have come in and bought bikes from you. So I want you all to know that I will keep spending my money with you guys and am always happy to come into your store with your staff that make me feel welcome. Cheers! 

Wasfi A

This is way overdue, but better late than never. Wow, is all I have to say about the excellent customer service my husband and I received at Mike's Bikes in Sacramento. I bought my husband a new Specialized Tarmac Comp to replace his 1972 Peugeot 50 pound classic. Melissa helped him get fitted with shoes, gloves, pants, pedals, and then fit the bike to him. She was very knowledgeable of the products and how the bike was supposed to fit. This is such a change from other bike purchases that I have made at local bike stores. In fact I was so excited about his new bike I had to buy one myself. So again we turned to Mike's. I am now the proud owner of a Tarmac as well. I love the bike and this time Kristy helped with the fitting. I have never had a shop take the time to fit a bike so precise. We want to thank Melissa, Kristy and all the staff at Mike’s Bikes in Sacramento for the great experience. Keep ridding and we will see you soon!! 

Jon & Robin H

I just wanted to acknowledge the guys over at the Berkeley store for a wonderful bike buying experience. They were very helpful the minute I walked through the door. Last weekend I rode for 26.5 miles on the group ride and had a blast. I am looking forward to many more rides at the shop. 

Thanks again, Grason L

I recently bought a Cannondale Road Warrior 3 from Valentino at the Berkeley store. I received EXCELLENT service. He listened to my needs and came up with the exact bike that suited my preferences. I have riden the bike several times now and it is the best bike I have ever purchased. Valentino was very courteous, patient, and knowlegeable. He was not aggressive at all. I initially went to REI to shop, but left after waiting around for 30 minutes for a salesperson, only to be rudely told, "I'm busy with another customer" after I asked for help. No offer to help when he was done or offer from another salesperson came, so I left. I'm glad I did because now I feel as if I have a base "home" for my bike. I also purchased the 5 year service plan and will bring my bike in for any service needs/tune-ups. Thank you for providing such excellent service. Valentino certainly deserves to be commended!  

- Donna T

Yesterday, Wednesday May 16th I visited your store in Sacramento, CA in hopes that someone could help me with my bicycle as it was shifting funny. A young, friendly boy named Matt politely greeted me and asked if he could help me to which I told him the problems I was having and he said it was no problem and that he could fix it in no time. Sure enough, no more than two minutes later he had it shifting like it never has before which I was thankful for. Now you may be wondering why I am sending this email, but for the last 10 years I've lived in Sacramento, I have always had very bad experiences with the mechanics around town being rude and unfriendly because I do not know how to work on my own bicycle. This wasn't the case here as Matt was genuinely one of the friendliest and the most polite mechanic's I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. I actually felt welcome in the shop (something I've never experienced) and I really just wanted to say THANK YOU! for having an employee such as him and because of that, you have made a life-long customer. 

Best Regards, Robyn G


I just thought that I would share that I had a really good bicycle buying experience at Mikes Bike.  The salesperson, Jeff, really understood what my goals were and matched me with a bike that is perfect.  He was patient as I must have visited 6 times, and located inventory from around the Bay Area to match my needs.  I have short arms and legs, which has made bike buying a challenge in the past, as the selection for non-custom performance mtn bike gets slim in the smaller sizes.  I also had a bike fit that seems to be right on - again, he spent a fair amount of time getting it all right, which makes a huge difference.

Note, last year, I bought a mtn bike from a large sports retailer in SF - the bike has turned out to be way too big, the retailer did not spend any time fitting me.  Needless to say that bike is going on ebay soon.

Oh, and at Mikes, I got a Velogirls discount! In the end, I feel great about my purchase - which is huge when buying anything. 

- Annie

I bought a SX trail from Jonas from the Berkeley location couple months back, and I must say I had the best service ever. He helped me with sizing/ swapping the fork out a different model. Super friendly over the phone. When the bike came in, he said they tried to get the bike built by the end of the week, but they knew how bad I wanted to hop on it. They surprised me by giving me a call the same day the bike had came in, they had put the bike together and and dialed in the suspension for me all in the same day that the bike came off the UPS truck. service like that will make me a return customer when I decide to purchase another bike. Jonas, Ian, and crew from the Berkeley location rocks!  

- Cheng L

I wanted to thank Mike's Bikes for their outstanding customer service! I purchased a road bike in Sausalito in September, and I have traveled the 2.5 hours from my home to your Berkeley location for additional purchases and to attend a Wednesday clinic. The guys in Berkeley make me feel right at home and offer great advice and support. They have a great way about offering advice without being condescending - to this cycling newbie. Everyone I have spoken with at Mike's Bikes has been great, but I would especially like to acknowledge Ian, Jonas and Kevin for their kind support. Thanks! 

- Tracy B

Hey there,

My name is Julie B, I am resident of Marin and a Training Ride Leader for AIDS Lifecycle.  I just wanted to drop you a note to specifically recognize Adrian in the Sausalito store, for his spectacular service.

I lead an AIDS Lifecycle training ride from GG park to Fairfax on Sunday, 3/13 and while riding I noticed that my rear derailleur was not working correctly.  Luckily you had a team of people at the ALC Expo who were doing bike checks, and I brought my bike over to them to have them check it out.  Luke(?- damn I'm bad with names) from your SF store checked it out and we had a little discussion about my derailleur, which I can proudly say had almost 10,000 miles on it.  It was definitely time for a new one.

On my way home, about 4:30 I brought my bike in to Adrian at Mikes in Sausalito and let him know what the guys at the expo told me.  He checked it out and agreed.  I had him replace it, replace the chain and do a full bike clean and drive train clean... the only problem was that he could not get it back to me until Friday morning because of all the other bikes that had to be worked on.  So, I said "well shoot for sooner if you can because I am leading a training ride on Friday morning for ALC, and I'd like to try and have it by then. But if you can't, I will get someone to fill in for me."

I didn't tell Adrian, but I also have a training ride scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday for ALC so it was rather important that I got it back as soon as possible.  I left the bike with him, not expecting to pick it up until Friday, and started to make back up plans for getting other  Training Ride Leaders to fill in for me.

This afternoon, ( Monday) I got a call from Adrian saying that he was able to get my bike done today and I could come pick it up!  WOW! Man was I thrilled!

When I picked the bike up from Adrian, and thanked him, he said that he remembered that I said I was leading rides for ALC, and needed it as soon as possible so he fit it in to complete today... Heck I don't know what happened to get my bike fixed so quickly, but I truly appreciated it!   (not to mention the 30 to 40 people with whom I will be riding with next weekend!)  The fact that he knew the Training Rides were important, and he remembered I had one scheduled to do on Friday was pretty cool, and I totally appreciate now the fact that Mike's Bikes is an ALC Platinum Level partner.

I bought my Cannondale from Mikes Bikes in San Rafael two years ago from a guy named Deejay.  He absolutely sold me the right bike- this is the same bike that now has almost 10,000 miles on it.  I have had service done at the San Rafael Store, the Palo Alto Store (I live in Marin but work in San Jose), and in Sausalito.  Although the service is pretty good at SR and Palo Alto, this service at Sausalito was exceptional.  Not to mention the fact that we bring 30-40 people on training rides by every weekend and sometimes take up your bathroom for quite awhile, and your guys never complain!  Now to ME that's the best service a bike shop can provide-- no hassle bathroom use.  :-)  There was even one time when we were on a training ride, and we stopped at Mikes in Sausalito just to re-group, and one of your guys came out and gave us Powerbars!

Anyhow, I'll stop ranting.... but I just wanted to make sure that Adrian was recognized for being a great supporter of AIDS Lifecycle training in his own special way.

Thanks again,

Julie B

"Hi [General Manager] Matt 

I have been pretty slack about writing this email since I got back to Hong Kong.

Just really wanted to say thanks a million for your service on that day we rolled into your shop. We were quite rushed and had our minds fully occupied with getting home. As you know the car was jammed packed with baggage and family. You made the process of choosing a bike (the epic) in the space of an hour or so very easy. Going out of your way by taking the bike I bought to the airport for me, in your personal time, was a great gesture and it was really appreciated. 

Unfortunately I have only been out on it once. It was a beautiful crystal clear winter’s morning on a very scenic trail with 15 other guys and girls. The bike was phenomenal!!! What a pleasure to ride. I think it’s the first of its kind in this town. It has made such a difference to my confidence – I basically rode all the technical bits and the tricky steps at the end of the ride which I have never ridden before. I'm sorry I did not sort out some shoes while I was there – I'm so used to riding with my feet clipped in. It was a perfect day on a perfect bike – and my first ride.

Anyway just wanted to let you know you have a very happy and appreciative customer at this end. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you out with from this side – please let me know.

Kind regards


"To Whom it May Concern:

I have recently purchased a Specialized road bike from your store. Although I looked at bikes in several stores, your staff and their willingness to work with me kept me coming back. I always felt welcomed. I would like to thank [Berkeley Manager] Zack Stender for his efforts to get me the components I desired, and for being my contact person. As I mentioned, the whole staff was great! I will happily mention your shop to my cycling buddies, and look forward to further interaction with your store.

Thank you,



I am writing because I was told you are the head man in charge of Mike's Bikes & Sausalito Cyclery. I am writing to compliment [former Sausalito manager] Pat Freeman and [San Rafael manager] Bryan Harrell.

To let you know the circumstances: I was looking to buy my first new mountain bike in 8 years (Christmas gift from my wife) and I decided I wanted to buy a dual suspension. Things have changed 'just a little' in 8 years of manufacturers/designs/technologies, etc.

One year ago I had a very pleasant experience when Pat Freeman sold my wife a Rocky Mountain Element at the Sausalito store, so we decided to start the riding of different bikes at your store. I also went and researched other stores and bikes in Southern Marin. Let me tell you there is no comparison. [Your] store is cleaner and more organized than your competitors'; the employees are incredibly knowledgeable and most important friendly and willing to help. They approach the customer. The customer doesn't have to go looking for help. This customer service was evidenced in my research process when I came back 3 times and asked probably 15 questions each time of Bryan Harrell when I was doing the research. He was very helpful and never showed an ounce of frustration with my constant neophyte questions.

When it came time to buy the bike the execution by Pat Freeman was excellent. I bought a Rocky Mountain ETSX-50. He was able to convey to me that your store has a very good relationship with Rocky and how they stand up for the integrity of their products. He also had the best price and took an hour to go over all the moving parts with me. This was very important as I was coming from a hardtail that was 8 years old.

Bottom line we will continue to patronize your store and tell everyone else to do the same. Have a Happy Holiday and New Year.

-[A very satisfied customer]"

"Dear Mike's Service Manager,

Lest there be any doubts, your Palo Alto store has a stellar service team. I wish I'd found them long ago and saved myself considerable grief, time, and money. In the last couple of weeks, Doug and Chris Z helped me solve a problem that was critical for me, but probably fairly trivial to the average mechanic.

They took great care to get it right, and they were knowledgeable and nice. I won't dwell on negative experiences I've had at other shops, but suffice to say, this experience will keep me coming back to your store (at least until I get competent enough to do my own repairs), and I'll be sure to recommend them to my riding pals.

Best regards, Joanna"

"Hi Rocky (of Sausalito Cyclery)-

I wanted to thank you again for all your help in Ryan's bike purchase and for making the whole experience so nice and informative. The extra time that you took and the care that you put in to the transaction ensured that Ryan goat a bike that he is totally stoked to own and ride. Personally, I want to say a HUGE thank you for upgrading to the Speedplay pedals. Dude, that was way above and beyond. Those were what I would have wanted to get him if I had the means... You made his wishes come true.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll see both of us again real soon. We will be coming back to get Ryan's computer installed and I'm after some shoes and pedals for myself! In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and some good crisp Fall rides.

Many thanks and hugs,


"Gidday Davin-

Great news and thank you for replying so promptly. I emailed 25 bike shops in the Bay Area and California [for a Cannondale jersey] and many read my email but did not even bother to reply so hats off to your customer focus and service. Well Done.

-Yours in cycling,

Peter from New Zealand"

"Hello Ken,

I'm writing to relay to you some important feedback about one of your most valuable employees, Rob Brown, Service Manager in Palo Alto.

I have been a dedicated Wheelsmith, and now Mike's, customer for about 15 years....purchasing, wrecking and repairing, many bikes in my racing and recreational riding. I have come to expect a very high level of service, for which I expect to pay a premium for both high quality parts and excellent service. I have not found a finer wheel builder anywhere.

I recently had a very negative experience with a set of parts from a vendor who tried to weasle out of their warranty obligations. To complicate matters, I had a very difficult and mysterious alignment issue with my Rocky Mtn RM6. Rob Brown stepped in and took control of a situation that was incredibly frusterating and time consuming. He was able to determine the issue with the frame and fixed it without undue cost, and was also able to navigate the parts vendor's staff until he reached an equitable resolution for me. In the end I was able to get back on my bike quickly, do well in my races, and then have the fixes performed all at once, minimizing downtime. 

The fact that Rob was able to do all this, during peak season, with very limited resources, was not easy. Please see to it that Rob is recognized for his patience, sense of fairness, and tenacity in seeking resolution.

Rob's recent hire of Chris (don't know the last name), was a GREAT call. Chris knows what he's doing and works very well with customers. 

Keep up the good work.


"Dear Mr. Martin

Wished to inform you of two SUPERLATIVE employees that you have in your services. [Palo Alto Manager] Brandon who is super and Todd who is super duper. They are 2 quality people who make your bicycle center a class act. I would greatly appreciate it if you'd notify your employees of my statement of fact and enter it in their personnel files. I just moved here from Baltimore and wanted to let you know you have good people.

Most Respectfully,


< br />

"Dear Mr. Martin:

A few months ago I celebrated my 50th birthday, not that I like to admit that. As a birthday gift, my wife Debbie bought me an Ibis Silk Ti from your Berkeley store. We shopped for months before I settled on the Ibis. I am a perfectionist and we visited literally dozens of bike stores before we decided to buy from your store. I visited three of your stores at least 20 times before we purchased the Ibis. Initially, there were a few problems with the bike.

Since we live on the Peninsula, we decided to take the bike to your Palo Alto store for repair where we met Brandon Street, the store manager. Once I explained the problems I was having concerning the Ibis, he immediately assured me that the problems would be eliminated. I've known Brandon for six months now and both my wife and I are extremely impressed with this young man's managerial talent and expertise regarding bicycles. He also has a unique, personable talent of relating to customers' needs and has a tremendous enthusiasm for biking that is contagious.

I have been to the Palo Alto store many times and I have personally witnessed how Brandon interacts with customers and makes them feel excited about biking and purchasing bikes and bike gear. I have also witnessed how he interacts with the staff and have observed the high esprit de corps that exists within your sales and repair team at the Palo Alto store. Chemistry is everything and the high-energy, professionalism, cleanliness, and quality stock of bicycles, apparel, and parts are very apparent at the Palo Alto store. I strongly believe that the success of your operation in Palo Alto is due, in large part, to Brandon.

I have a lot of friends who ride bikes. I now shop exclusively at your stores. Not only that, my wife and I also tell our friends how great we believe your stores are and encourage them to shop there for quality and professionalism. One person can make a difference. Brandon has made a difference for us and has greatly helped us enjoy the biking experience. He can definitely sell bikes and relate to people.

In closing, my wife and I would like to thank Brandon, the Palo Alto store staff, and you for continuing to make our bike experience such a wonderful part of our lives. We hope that our letter will give Brandon the recognition he so richly deserves and will let you know that because of him, we are loyal customers.


-Gary and Debbie"

"I would like to mention that we live in Castro Valley and my wife and I bought our bikes last month from [San Rafael Manager] Bryan and it was totally worth the trip!!! He was very nice and he knew his stuff. We've been to every bike store in the Bay Area and were pleased with the customer service, friendliness, and no-pressure sales people at your store. Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,


"Hello Sausalito Cyclery,

Just a note to say thanks very much for all the help you gave us on Saturday.

We proudly got my new Stumpjumper and Malcolm's GT home to the UK and unpacked them on Sunday night despite jet lag! Both survived the journey although mine unfortunately got some paint scratched off on the way- still, I'm sure it won't be that last time!

Once again, thanks a lot for all your help in the store- it really makes a difference, and I know we will have years of fun from our new bikes. I can't wait until the weekend to get out further than the end of our road on them!

Kind regards,

-Julie and Malcolm"

"Dear Mr. Martin

This letter is to express my appreciation towards your staff at Sausalito Cyclery. I began cycling seriously about four years ago. Since that time I have completed three California Aids Rides and I am in training now for my fourth ride in June of 2000.

Over the course of the past few years I have learned a lot. Sometimes, when you start something new you feel completely at a loss. I always stop into your shop and the staff has always been very helpful and courteous. My questions, no matter how basic, have always been met with a kind attitude and smile.

In general, I have always felt respected and encouraged to do better in my cycling. I would specifically like to commend Tony it. for his patience and generous sharing of knowledge. It is apparent that he enjoys his work and helping the cycling community. He is a good man to have on your staff.

Recently, I "graduated" from a Bridgestone mountain bike to a new road bike. I figured I deserved it after logging over 5,500 miles on the old bike. Tony and the other staff members made sure that I picked the correct bike for my next step. I have been riding it for a couple of weeks now and it is awesome.

Thanks to you and all of your staff for the advice, encouragement, and most of all the respect. Also, thank you for supporting the California Aids Ride and its riders.

Best Regards,


"Dear Mr. Ken Martin,

I would like to express my high esteem for your effort to bring our bicycles personally to the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco last Friday. I do not take for granted that this shows your high level of customer care! Thank you very much for that.

Also I would like to mention that on buying the two bicycles we got a lot of attention and very competent and professional advice, without ever feeling pushed, from our salesman in Sausalito. We shall certainly visit your shop again in our future trips to San Francisco and all of our positive experience will make it easy to recommend it to our friends.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime. Kind regards,


"I am now the proud owner of a Trek 5200 thanks to the great staff at Sausalito Cyclery, namely Matt and Davin.The other members were also helpful and willing to lend a hand. This is the bike of my dreams and probably the last bike I will ever need. I'll definitely be stopping by for future service and the other "toys" that I will be needing. Thanks again for the great experience.


"Dear Ken:

I have just finished my maiden spin on my new Kestrel, and it is a dream. My entire bicycle shopping/buying experience was exciting, and so much fun due largely to the staff you have at Sausalito Cyclery who were wonderful to work with. First, the shop is beautiful, bright, great location and stuffed full of a vast array of the best bikes around. [Former GM] Ron spent so much time with us, educating us about the different kinds of bikes, frame materials, matching the type of rider I am and the riding I will be doing to the bikes that seemed best for my situation. His knowledge of all things mechanical, especially as it relates to bikes, is amazing. I really learned a lot from him, and now act like I'm some kind of cycle component expert when I talk to my friends! He was able to accommodate my special requests (white Kestrel please, with tricked-out Spox wheels) and delivered the finished product sooner than anticipated with a personal phone call to our home in Stockton. When we came over this weekend to pick up my new prize, he again spent over an hour fitting the bike perfectly to me, and explaining all the gears and gizmos, refitting my pedals, etc. He is a prime example of superior customer service.

My thanks to all the guys we met- the friendliest, most upbeat bunch of cycle masters I've ever met. Thanks to [Berkeley Service Manager] August for the great job putting the bike together- it is so tight and responsive, with gears that shift as smoothly as butter. A master technician, that August. We met and talked with all of your fine staff, all engaging, accommodating individuals. You get an A+, all of you for great attitudes and making customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

My congratulations to you for your great shop and even better employees. We are sending some of our friends from the Central Valley to experience our version of the "best cycle shop around." Please convey my thanks and appreciation to them.



"Hi, Ken-

I don't mean this to sound like one of those Mens' Wearhouse commercials, but I recently bought a bike over at your Berkeley store, and Jonas was fabulous. I just wanted to pass that along - that I've been around the bike industry for a long time, I've bought a lot of bikes, and Jonas was a great guy - he was really easy to work with and everything turned out great. So, I think you've got a real good employee there, and just wanted to say thanks.


"My son and I recently added two road bikes to compliment our MTBs. Based on a number of good experiences in the process of maintaining and upgrading the MTBs, including wizard wheelbuilding and rim straightening, we had more-or-less settled on Mike's Palo Alto shop as our first stop to look at road bikes. We had already had very smart advice and service from store manager Brandon, all of the mechanics, and most of the rest of the crew.

To the point: I want to pass along my appreciation for the terrific service that we got through this latest process from John at the Palo Alto store. We had a lot of dumb questions and several issues to thrash through in terms of cost, performance, durability, and trade-offs of fit (for example, my son is a growing 13-year-old, and I am a heavy rider with a bad back). With John's cheerful and steadfast attention the issues were intelligently thought through and technical questions were answered definitively (for example a real-time call to Mavic technical support folks to sort out some things about the wheelset on one of the bikes), several parts were patiently swapped around for a better fit, and it was all pulled together and out the door on our timetable, which was asking a lot. We did shop around, for the sake of bike model comparisons and additional recommendations, and we were very comfortable completing the whole process at Mike's. We ended up highly pleased with the new rides, the price was fair, and we especially value the relationship with Mike's.

It is no exaggeration to say that this level of service, coming from such straightforward, enthusiastic people, really adds to the enjoyment of the sport.


"To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased with the service I received in your shop. Josh in the [San Rafael] Service Department answered all of my questions and gave me much better service than I had received at a high-end shop where I purchased my bicycle.

You will have my and my family's business. It is a great pleasure to deal with somebody who is so professional and obviously competent.



"I thought I would just drop you a line to express how impressed I was with the Berkeley store.

I was recently over in the USA on business and on a mission to buy a new mountain bike to replace my Trek, which simply was not up to the job. Having visited a few stores before I got to Mike's I was wondering if I would actually find anything I liked. But as soon as I walked in the store there it was..... Rocky Mountain Slayer. What a beautiful bike!!

The assistance I got from the guys in the store was excellent, even to the point of telling me how to fit and adjust the cleats on my new shoes (only having had toe clips before).

I was pleased to find that when I got to the Airport to go home I was able to check the bike on without problem, and even got through the customs at the UK end without any worries.

So here I am back home checking out your web site and I find that to be excellent too with loads of great tips. This is how bike shops should be.

Well done and I hope to get a chance to visit you again soon.

Best wishes


"I'm writing about the experience I had purchasing a bike recently at Sausalito Cyclery. As a little background, I had my bicycle (1997 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp, with upgrades) stolen 2 weeks ago. This meant that I needed to either a) quit riding, or b) get a new bike as soon as possible, with a limited budget.

So I started looking. First, I got on the web and started researching the newest crop of mountain bikes. The website I found that had the best information and links to other resources was <drum roll>...

Armed with this information, I proceeded to go to several different bike shops to find the one that I WANTED to patronize. I didn't have a bad experience at any of them - most were helpful, and would be able to provide me with a bike that I would probably like.

However, one bike shop, and particularily one salesman, stood out.

Sausalito Cyclery, and Mark Cram.

Your shop had the bikes in stock, and it gave me the chance to actually ride the bikes I was looking at. The pricing was also on par with most of the other shops.

What really made the sale for me, however, was Mark. He was very informative, informed, and helpful, but not pushy. He asked me about what kind of bike *I* wanted. He didn't try to sell the type of bike that HE wanted (a failing among many other salesmen at other shops), but instead gave me very honest and objective evaluations of the bikes that were availible. Being the cynical sort, I went ahead and tried bikes that he gave slightly lower evaluations to (based on my descriptions of what I wanted), and his evaluations turned out to be spot-on. The criteria he was judging included things like frame stiffness, "bounce" under load, responsiveness, plushness, etc... not just the simple stuff. This accuracy in his evaluations gave me confidence in his assesment of other criteria that I couldn't evaluate in the shop - such as a maintenance schedule and ease-of-repair.

I ended up with a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, and I am very happy with my bike so far. Granted, I've only ridden it about half-a dozen times in the last 7 days... and one of those rides was on pavement, but I'm certainly enjoying it. I have to do something about the bugs in my teeth, though...

Thank you, Sausalito Cyclery, and specifically you, Mark Cram, for turning a horrible experience (getting my bike stolen) into a great one (getting a new bike that I love!).



"...The saving grace [of my bike-buying experience] and the main reason I'm writing this letter [to Rocky Mountain Bicycles] is that the manager at Sausalito Cyclery in California- known to me as "DJ [Campagna]," happens to be one of the most professional and thorough people I've ever dealt with. He represented your company as if it were his own and floored me with outstanding customer service. He never dropped the ball with my warranty problems and reassured me that the bike would be repaired to my satisfaction... and it was. In today's world it's rare to see a business follow their promises and go beyond to gain customer loyalty! As a result I love my [Rocky Mountain Slayer] even more! And I feel like I am riding the Mercedes Benz of bicycles (they have great customer service). Also the sister shop in San Rafael, CA known as Mike's Bikes has a technician of similar caliber named Brian [Herrman]. Mike's Bikes actually replaced my bottom bracket because Sausalito Cyclery was too swamped. The tech known to me as Brian rebuilt the bottom bracket and rear sub-frame and treated my bike as if it was his own... this guy dialed my bike in. In today's cutthroat world of bike sales these experiences speak volumes over any flashy advertising and fast talking sales slugs. The bike community in Northern California is tight and you can bet that I will be recommending [Rocky Mountain] bikes to people I like... others can ride Cannondale or Specialized. Thanks for honoring your warranty! And don't get too big.


"Skot and Ken-

I wanted to thank both of you very much for helping with my purchase a couple months ago of a Guru Strada road bike. As a member of the Team-in-Training Wildflower 2003 Team, I wanted to thank you and everyone at the shop for their support of T. in T. You guys did an outstanding job building and fitting my bike in a matter of hours so that I could ride it on training weekend a month before the actual race. The race on May 3rd went very well. I completed my first triathlon ever- the Wildflower long course in 5 hours and 45 minutes. Though we experienced a steady rain during most of the bike portion, I was able to complete the 56 mile ride in 3 hours, 13 minutes. The fit was perfect and the ride was great. It couldn't have happened without your collective efforts! Also, please pass on my thanks to Chris [Brignetti], coach of the Golden Gate Team-in-Training Team, for all of his help and support in preparation for the race. Thanks!


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