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Mike's Bikes Commute Chronicles
A large portion of the staff at every Mike's Bikes store use bicycles for their primary transportation. And one of the things we find most beautiful about the bicycle commute lifestyle is how varied it is. Our staff reflects that principle, and our reasons for doing it and the equipment we use can be night and day from one rider to the next, just as it is with our customers. One thing is for certain though, we bicycle commute because we love it. And we want to share that love with our customers. Here are our stories.
a few of our favorite things:

Matt C.  Mike's Bikes of Walnut Creek

Commuting gives me a chance to put things into perspective. It can prepare me for a busy day at work and help me unwind on the way home. Its greatly beneficial to maintaining my sanity by removing myself from television ads, internet pop-ups, and traffic jams.

I love the Mash pedals from BikeSmart. They are light, durable, and give you a locked in feeling usually only found with a clipless system.

BikeSmart Mash pedals

Daood L.  Mike's Bikes Distribution Center in San Rafael
Bike commuting to me as a new father means finding the time to ride where I can, and that means commuting. I love to ride a slightly different route everyday, trying a little dirt and little road. I leave before dawn this time of year, so a trip through the Headlands may take about 30 minutes longer, but I've seen amazing wildlife and the sun rise over the GGB so many times I've lost count. I arrive at work in the morning awake and alert with a recent connection to the sport we promote, and home in the evenings stress free, having left my work behind me in a flurry of pedal strokes.
The Specialized Armadillo equipped tires have kept me flat-free for over a year of commuting. I use the All Condition Armadillo Elite 700x25 and the Hemisphere 26x1.95 on my P.Fix.

Specialized Armadillo Elite 700x25

Richard M.  Mike's Bikes of Sausalito

Clean body and clean soul. Riding to work in the morning clears my mind from all the stresses of the previous night and prevents the Grumpy's I get from sitting in rush hour traffic. Not to mention it really helps me get those base miles down for my fitness so I can feel better about eating french fries for lunch!

The new Capo Cordua Over Socks are great. They help keep the wind off my feet and help insulate my toesies. Not to mention that over socks make everyone look super Pro!

Capo Cordura Shoe Covers

Adrian W.  Mike's Bikes Distribution Center in San Rafael
Commuting on my bike to me is a privilege. I commute every day rain or shine via my bike instead of drive. To me it is just another chance to get on my rig and pedal to the max whether it be to work, the store, or en route to go fly down a rocky hill! I LOVE it!!
Essentials include my bike first and foremost, which was purchased from Mike's; my GoPro Camera which helps document every ride, and all of the Fox clothing and protective gear to keep me safe when I go down. Every bit of my equipment from helmet to clothes to basic maintenance items, ALL keep me going... and all purchased from Mike's!

GoPro HD HERO3 Camera

JP R.  Mike's Bikes of San Francisco

Bike commuting is about starting your day on the right note. It's about clearing your mind and setting up the day. It's also about rinsing the days bad events from you and returning home fresh. It is a must - if I don't get to ride a few days a week - I'm not a happy camper.

The most important pieces that keep me safe and comfortable are as follows. I love to bring my thunderbolt USB rechargable rear light which keeps me visible when commuting home to Daly City from SF. I also must have my Specialized BG Element gloves that feature Windstopper technology to keep me nice and toasty. When my hands are cold - I'm not very happy. The other is the Craft Extreme Baselayer. I wear it all the time as it whicks away sweat and regulates my bodies temperature all the way home.

Serfas Thunderbolt Taillight

Davin P.  Mike's Bikes Office in San Rafael
My commute ride serves two purposes in my life: It clears my head and keeps my beer belly in check. A ride-in, ride-out day gives me 50 rolling miles and (awesomely) only takes one hour more than if I had driven to work. I like to use my days off for big-effort rides or races, but getting some good miles in during the week not only keeps my fitness up for the tough stuff but helps with guilt-free enjoyment of that last Black Butte Porter down at the local. More importantly though, winding through the hills of SF, over the Golden Gate, and across southern Marin in the morning is the perfect thing to energize the body and mind for the workday to come. And on the way home, if the fog is at bay, there is nothing to help clear the mind like pedaling back toward the sparkling lights of my home-city.
A chilly spell this Winter has rekindled my love for the Specialized Deflect gloves. These lightweight, stretchy, great-fitting mitts stop cold winds dead and keep my hands toasty every time. The grippy palms and fingertips are great for cornering confidence too. Thumbs up!

Specialized Deflect gloves

Zach P.  Mike's Bikes of Sausalito

Commuting to me means staying in shape. Without the commute from SF to Sausalito, I wouldn't have as much time on the bike. It's nice to use it to train for races and keep the base miles goin to continue to keep up with my friends.

The gear that surprisingly helps a lot is the Chrome cellphone pouch for my sling bag. It keeps my phone within earshot which is nice to not miss calls or texts, or to play music from it for the extra motivation without having to use headphones. It's weatherproof too which helps protect it from the elements.

Chrome Accessory Pouch

Ross P.  Mike's Bikes of San Jose

Bike commuting means exercise, flexibility, and sweat. Bike commuting means getting up early, taking extra clothes with you, and struggle. Bike commuting means taking extra time, extra food, and extra effort. Bike commuting is worth all of this and more because bike commuting means freedom.

I use smooth Specialized Nimbus tires to ease my effort on my hardtail MTB. I have also taken to the NiteRider Lumina 650 to light my way along the dark Los Gatos Creek Trail. The Specialized S3 helmet keeps me safe from all those crazy drivers I can't control.

NiteRider Lumina 650

Jan J.  SR Mike's Bikes Office in San Rafael

Bike commuting to me means getting 20 miles in the legs every day. It means skipping the traffic heading out of Mill Valley in return for deer and wild turkeys up Camino Alto. I usually call the 20 daily miles for free miles; miles I wouldn't have been able to get in if I didn't commute - but that's not true: At Mike's, bike commuting means 2 bucks a day in ride pay - that's 10 a week, 40 and a bit a month and almost 500 a year!

My favorite gear? Specialized Tarmac SL4, NiteRider 650, BikeSmart MicroFlash Blinkies

BikeSmart MicroFlash Blinkies

Dave F. (a.k.a. BikeDave)  Mike's Bikes of Walnut Creek

In a Haiku I composed:
Bicycles Move Me
Around Town, To work, For Play
Freedom On Two Wheels

For over 15 years I have lived without owning an automobile and commuted by bicycle, walking and public transit. A recent study sums it up.

Three things that make commuting a pleasure are: 1) full fenders keep me dry. 2) two leg kickstand keeps my bicycle upright even with heavy loads. 3) helmet mirror helps me keep track or my surroundings.

Planet Bike Hardcore Fenders

Adam G.  Mike's Bikes of San Francisco

Bike commuting means not having to deal with driving, parking, or waiting for the slow ass bus to drive me around. Gas money is better spent on beer and burritos anyway. Plus, girls who ride bikes are cuter than girls who drive.

The gear that gets me around is a well built waterproof messenger bag, two u-locks, and multiple lightweight layering options such as a base layer and packable wind jackets for changing weather.

Chrome Metropolis
Messenger Bag


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